Solana is a holding corporation formed to hold various companies. These companies are in all different sectors such as fashion, publishing, management, and e-commerce.

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    Development Future Inspirational Companies Brand Design

    Passionate Performance

    By building a dynamic brand of companies that tell a story we, will be able to inspire the masses to follow in our footsteps to build there brands. We use the energy of our ideas to show others that, building dream is not just an idea, but a vital way to live.

    Creative Work

    Our main goal is to always be creative, because being creative enables our subsidiaries to grow and influence the world. We always focus on new ideas that will make our brands a standard to the art of fashion, e-commerce, management and publishing.

    Why They Love Us

    Our strength is in our unwavering focus on building each brand. We are strong because we partner with individuals or other companies to make their companies and our subsidiaries grow. Our companies have the ability to use there brands to push other companies forward. We use each opportunity with each of our partnerships to explore the different worlds of electronic commerce and services.

    Our Vision

    Is to image the impossible, seek out the unimaginable and make it all happening.
    We plan on doing so by supporting our companies and creating our own investments.