Take on any challenge of the digital world

Solana is the corporation of various business in web design, fashion, publishing and e-commerce. Our Philosophy is we seek to bring together revolutionary business ideas that will help the most Undeserved and venerable. As holding company we create and design business and support these business with knowable, financial, and team support. We hope to be an example of a corporation that will ask question and seek answers that will benefit all in a sustainable, engaging way.


We collect data on the market and use these statistics to determine the next steps to take.


We research the market to determine the best course of action for your business.


By using digital marking we are able to give your company the edge on digitally advertising


Our partnership company provides the web design to help our websites launch.

Make your business grow and keep your clients satisfied


Clients always know what to expect because we give our best.


We always find the best deals and investments to help new start ups.


Our websites are quality, high end for any new business.


We take on any challenge of the business world

Solana Companies is a holding comapny that helps and partners with other companies to help these companes grow and thrive. We do our best to make sure our companies are adaptable and successful.


The very best solution for your business

Our service is driven by our need to find inovative, purpose driven brands, that want to challenge the status quo, be unique, and wants to succed in this ever changing society. We love working with new comapnies and finding the best practices that work with these businesses.

Grow your business