What is your main business deallings?

Our main business dealings is we are structured as a holding company for our various brands and partnerships.

Why do you partner with other brands?

We believe that we have the assets and knowlage to help other brand and this is why we value partnering with other brands.

What makes you different from other companies?

The thing that makes us unique and different from other compnies is the group of peaole that w work with, ourin house brands and the brands that we partner with. All these factors bring in new perpectives on how start-up and businesses should function and succeed.

What do you look for when partnering with other brands?

When we look to partnering with other brands, we look for their originality, tenacity and how far they are wiling to go to become a global success in this increasing competitive landscape.

How can you make my brand launch sucessfully?

As stated in our services page we will assesse your brand in all aspects of viability, creativity and ROI, then we will create a series of analysis to determine what will make your brand successful. Once these thing are in place we will implement certain proprietary software's to launch your brand.

What type of payment do I have to make to your comapny?

Once a partnership is discussed and there is an inasal proposal, then payments and compention will be included in such propasal and contrcts.

How long and when can a partnership deal be finalized?

It all depends on the process after contact, including a discussion, proposal and formal contact. If both of our companies agree then two to three weeks would be a natural progress for a finalizes partnership.

How do we connect to Solana Companies?

You can send us an email through our contact page or you can email us at any time at info@solanaint.com. Due to the many buiness that we deal with, please allow 48 hours for us to return your message.

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